I do believe we're more salad than melting pot. We retain our differences, many of them crucial elements of our culture and personal identities. But, as human beings, we are certainly more alike than we are different. If we can overcome the fear or perceived threats posed by our differences we can use them and those common threads to build bridges, open lines of communication, even build alliances and friendships.

It is my quest to develop and share this notion, connecting my passions around food and bringing people together. Food, as one of the most basic elements of humanity (and of our survival), is one of our greatest equalizers. Simply sharing a table or insights about one another's food culture helps unmask our common humanity. The universal language of food is a unifying force and HoK uses this as a catalyst to connect people through culinary bridges between culinary enthusiasts and food lovers.

Please come share in this exploration and experience; I hope you will!

Pull up a chair, fire up the stove, lay the table, dig in and enjoy!




Trust their taste! They've tasted it so you can trust it!

Being a foodie family, we were really missing ordering our favourite dishes during the lockdown. And then we discovered House of Kitchens!! How delighted we were to see the variety of cuisines on offer, lovingly prepared by home chefs following the highest level of hygiene. Indian, Continental, Pan-Asian, cakes, cookies, drinks, and even catering services, you don't have to look beyond HoK!
Priti Sharma - New Delhi

HOK: Food from home Chefs to our homes. A best solution for health conscious people who are foody by nature but avoid eating outdoors. I find the food preparation by the HOK home Chef's, " Hygienic and rich in flavors,”. Added advantage of HOK Chefs is that the each meal can be customised as per the taste and health requirements . I could order less oily and low in Salt meal for my parents along with the normal one for myself.
Namita - Gurgaon

A special thanks for your great support if you hadn't started this, we chefs would not be able to show our passion. Thanks again Anna...wonderfully managed n coordinated. Have loved being part of the HoK family."

Table Setting

Table Setting

HoK works as an aggregator listing a vast variety of delicious homemade food, organic, chemical-free, herbal, natural products ranging from Kitchen essentials, food & snacks, grains & spices, nuts & condiments, workshops etc. that redefine health, well being to come together.

Order lunches, dinners, snacks, breakfast, deserts, festival foods, party dishes - from expert home chefs around you. Let's accept it - A Rogan Josh cooked at a Kashmiri home or Avial cooked by a Keralite family can never be matched by any other chef on the planet. I'm sure you agree!

We encourage home chefs and small food businesses in realizing their long cherished dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs by providing the platform to showcase their skills.

No uncomfortable ties, heels or business suits - Chefs whites will leave more earnings in your pockets!
If you love to cook and are passionate about food then, what are you waiting for?
Enter the Kitchen, put on your apron, grab your ladles, and get cooking your way to success!

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